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The Importance of Deadlines

I just found an article called The Art of the Self-Imposed Deadline. It resonated with me, because as a project manager, I find it helpful to work on my projects with an entrepreneur’s attitude. The project’s success, or not, would be due to my efforts. Like an entrepreneur, I am ultimately responsible. I have to implement my client’s wishes, agree with them or not. I have to prioritize the work that gets completed and how, and work through others to get it done. And most of all, I have to deliver to a deadline while getting others to do the same.

How do we do this? Create deadlines –  even (and especially) artificial ones if you must. Set up as many interim deadlines as you need to stay on track, or have an early warning sign that signals when something is not on track. As the old saying goes, nothing gets accomplished without a deadline. If you give someone as long as they want to accomplish something, even if you give them extra time beyond what they asked for, the work really doesn’t progress until the deadline looms in the near distance. Your team isn’t trying to be mean or uncooperative or unresponsive. It’s human nature, and the fact that we are all so busy.

Take a fresh look at your projects from an entrepreneur’s viewpoint and see what differences it makes for you.

From Vicki Wrona

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