Are You Keeping Your Remote Staff Involved?

*editor’s note: please welcome our first blog contributor, David, who will be posting articles every week.

Are You Keeping Your Remote Staff Involved? – from David

Are some of your staff members remote? Do you spend any time with them, getting to know them, sharing ideas and spreading your warmth with friendly praises and timely feedback?

How much do you know about your remote staff? Where do they actually live? Are there many time zones between you and them? Is there an easy way for you to get together and collaborate either online or by video conference?

Do you include them in brainstorming sessions (conferenced-in or via email), and do you value their input? How do you show your appreciation for their work and work ethics?

Are they remote because they are lone wolves who work at their own pace or walk to a different drummer, or are they vultures that only show up when the dirty work is done?

Do you only send them impersonal emails? Do you ever want to talk to them or maybe video them in a meeting?

When was the last time you gave feedback or praise?

Your staff members need to know they are appreciated, they are vital to the company and you value their input. And if these are note true, in these troubled economic times, they should be made aware of that, too.

Contractors who primarily work only for you can, and should, be treated like staff, with respect for their abilities, with recognition for their accomplishments dealing with your customers and with respect for their inputs.


1 Response to “Are You Keeping Your Remote Staff Involved?”

  1. 1 Justin Greene June 15, 2010 at 7:19 am

    Inter-acting with the team or staff who work at home is very challenging. Although they work at home, there’s no difference between them and in-house employees. You also have to inform them about the latest updates about the business. Actually it is easy to keep in touch with your employees because of the hi-tech gadgets available today.

    We all know that salary is very important for all employees; and the owner of a company doesn’t like any delays in giving their salaries. That’s why some companies outsource payrolls in Nevada so the distribution of the salary will be given on time.

    Actually there’s another option in processing salaries or payroll to avoid delays by availing of a small business payroll service. With that, businesses can save time in payroll preparation and processing and they don’t need to pay the penalty for any delay in its distribution.

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